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He started working at an early age of 17 - helped languished and suffering people as social work, however, after the Cricket World Cup , at age 23, he took it up professionally.

G D Vashisht Complaints

Currently, Gurudev Vashist and his team are working on a concept to help lacs of Indian unemployed people especially the youth , retired etc. It will enable these individuals to approach people in need, suffering and in pain looking for solutions, cures and remedies through Astrology and guidance.

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The history of astrology is millions of years old; Astrology has spread throughout the world today. There are many legendary stories about astrology in India ; Most common and well known is ,people believe that Brahma Ji's son, Rishi Bhrigu , created astrology for human welfare on the basis of solar system around the Earth where primarily planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus and two shadow grafts known as Rahu and Ketu.

On the human body, whenever a newborn is born, there is an almanac forming on the basis of its birth place, birth time and birth, which is called Horoscope. This Horoscope is basically able to tell every aspect of the life of that infant, whose base and calculator are known as an astrologer.

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Rishi Muni of the old Samaaya used to assess the horoscope by its tenacity and yajna. After which everyone was born on the basis of his Horoscope, from the naming of the baby to the fancy of the child, and that trend is still the same in India. Whether it is a businessman or someone has to take a new home, all of them are often asked by astrologer!

Jyotish has gone so much and revered, but after some time, people began to believe in astrology , which was originally due to the fact that research on astrology stopped. As all the people are known in India after the s, the Mughals' empire grew and then in , British occupied India, due to which the research which was supposed to be done on Astrology did not happen. It was unfortunate for astrology that the people learned astrology with incomplete knowledge and whose ill-fated pious astrology had to suffer.

But Gurudev Vashisht started working on the lost pride of astrology from the s and, he Beginning to study the red book which is an important branch of astrology from first guru Shri M L Sudh ji.

He started practising astrology since and then gradually began to discover the flaws of astrology. Gurudev Vashist ji then studied Vedic and K P, who had other branches of astrology, then he went to know that According to the time the astrology should have been researched so that the theories which have been left can be completed, But Gurudev Vashist ji took up this task and named the important moment of his youth in the name of astrology.

By which human beings can be blessed. Now the difficulty was that how many such astrological calculations can be collected and checked to see where the deficiencies are In , Gurudev Vashisht ji got the first breakthrough when he made all the astrological calculations of the entire series in a software and started to produce results. After that Gurudev Vaishishji realized what research work had left in the astrology calculations, what was then, then the whole team of Gurudev Vishisht ji and his whole team gathered to find the greatness of astrology On the basis of the first software calculation of Gurudev Vashisht, he gave the name "Lal Kit Amrit" because the astrological calculations of this personal horoscope were based on the red book and Then in , Gurudev Vashist ji thought how all the people of this Creation could benefit from this creation, by moving forward this thought, he named YES I CAN CHANGE, on which people of all castes and religions have their faith.

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Welcome to Pt. GD Vashist Ji

Gurudev Vashist ji maintained his research and formulated the book Lal Kitab, K P and Vedic Astrology where his knowledge was found on which Gurudev Vishishji founded a new astrology which was complete and absolute and Named it Vashist jyotish. Today the prediction of the Vaishish Jyotish is very good and effective, such as Vaishist Jyotish formed. Nakshatra Program, Delhi. This article "Gurudev Gagandeep Vashist," is from Wikipedia.

Commonly known and addressed as Guruji, he is the author of the book Lal Kitaab Amrit. Lal Kitaab Amrit has been lauded by disciples and astrologers alike as the most accurate and useful astrological book written in this century. Guruji recognized his own powers early on in his life.

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At the tender age of 14, he lost his vision completely because of damaged corneas. The doctors had given up hope and told a young GD Vashist that he would never regain his eyesight.

Program Details

Nevertheless, Gurudev Vashist persisted. He followed the astrological remedies of Lal Kitab and got back his vision miraculously back to normalcy. This incident triggered in him belief and faith in his own abilities as well as those of the holy book Lal Kitab.