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This is the energy of self realization and personal power. This Quintile energy has a very dynamic force, and the intensity similar to the conjunction. And with this perfect health, the person has complete individuality to accomplish things hypothetically without any ailments. When a person has a Quintile in their chart between two or more objects, the person will be very innovative and initiative between the two planetary energies working together. They are inventive and also healing, as their abilities tend to be used to turn something old into something new.

The number 5 in Numerology is the equivalent of the perfect blend of masculine and feminine energy. So, in the Natal Chart, two planets that are in Quintile with each other, can make the person much more rebellious and innovative with these energies. The thing about the Quintile aspect, is that a person with one or many can be so independent and uncompromising that if not careful, they can project their energy too intensely onto other people, and can make others feel small even without intending to.

Never put the people with several Quintiles in their chart in a box because they will not fit. Someone with Sun Quintile Moon would be someone with a very empathetic response to anyone they meet. They have very warm smiles and tend to have something very healing about the way they smile or the way they feel when you pass them. This aspect makes for very VERY beautiful people who has your heart as soon as you hand it to them. Someone with Moon Quintile Venus is also an incredibly beautiful aspect which can make a person extremely responsive towards others.

These extremely generous people have an air about them that you immediately know you can trust without having to find out for yourself. These are the people who see the picture so big that they can make an entire picture seem like a mere sketch compared to their big ideas. I have quite the Quintile series in my own chart, as well as Septiles, which is what we are about to get right into!

When the Sextile is accepted and integrated within our psyches and souls, we then use that energy to inspire and encourage others to reach their potentials. This is where the Septile 7 aspect comes in. In Numerology, 7 is the number of Truth. The story of a woman who was so beautiful that she was cursed by Aphrodite from resentment.

Psyche was intended to be cursed to fall in love with the ugliest man alive by Eros without ever witnessing him, but he fails and she catches his gaze and they fall in love. Psych falls in love with a god of Love whom she goes to the end of the earth, sacrifices her Soul, just to be there with him. The Septile Energy is similar to this, whereas the person with this aspect, reads between the lines and sees beneath the surface, the unseen.

The person will go great lengths to acquire the Truth for which they believe and seek, with or without the faith of anyone else by their side. The symbolism behind number 7 is perfection, the colors of the rainbow. It can indicate intuition with the other realms and can tend to trigger O.

Some people are capable of communicating with spirits or ghosts, even. Septile energy makes a person pursue things intuitively rather than logically and they tend to have insight that is inexplicably spot on. Say your Peace and step toward those who are Speaking in Alignment with you. As Groups form, those Committed to False Truths will gradually Feel their Shame and step down, either recanting or disappearing. The Truths that are Ready for their Time will come forth. You are acclimating to energy at a much faster rate than you ever have before because you are participating more in the process.

You are anticipating these downloads. You are readying yourselves physically, emotionally, energetically, and psychologically, and you are receiving more of what is being sent because of your openness, your trust, and your receptivity to the process. The more you ready yourselves for the new energies, the higher frequency transmissions, the better those transmissions are received by you. We see you lighting up as you receive. We see you loosening your grip on what you have believed reality to be, and we see you willing to go with the flow, to let the process take the time that it takes.

We want to help this process along by letting you know when the transmissions are coming and what you can do to prepare for them. There is one more thing that we want to point out to you, however. Once you have received a transmission of energy, and you have assimilated that energy, you do have the ability to move it through you, towards a creation. This world is ready for the new, the different, and the innovative. What you can do with the energy that you receive is entirely up to you.

It is you operating as a creator being, utilizing your free will, and collaborating with the universe. And we are very pleased to see all of that occurring. Pulling it from the 5D end of the Funnel will always work better. If not, Change the Subject. The Eurydike-Mars Intiation is less organized. That tells us that while our Guidance can be Trusted, our Actions not as much.

The Fire and Earth Grand Trines suggest we can freely Manifest into Hardcopy whatever we have Passion about, but we need to watch mind and Emotion closely for Resistance. Any Victims you want to Indulge are antithetical to your Soul and to your Rebirth — smother them with so much Empathy and Love that they Surrender. Be on the lookout for Yes-Buts, or just Buts. When you find Joy, spend time getting to know it. When you find Fear or Doubt, Tap it Out, then look to see what was behind it. Everything is Possible. One of the more salient features of Effortlessness, aka 5D, is Timing.

You are no longer Building things. You are Conducting an Orchestra of Energies, and they are Building things for you. How chains you to the treadmill.

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Let those go both Initiations are also Waning Biseptile to Juno. Consider everything tentatively Possible from some point of view. Just consider it Quaint. Even Preferences can be considered suspect.

They will cloud your Guidance. Each time you set a Boundary with someone letting yourself be Vulnerable, or Protecting yourself, for instance , take a moment after the fact to review what your Motivation was for setting the Boundary where you did. Suzanne Lie says more about how 3D and 5D differ, and what happened to 4D…. How do we know when the Timing is right?

Our Intuition tells us, but we have to Listen to it and not let the noisy mind overrule it because it would be hard to defend in a debate. The Moon, in its esoteric Meaning of Instinct and Authenticity, also plays a big role. Watch for things that happen in a flash when you expected them to take forever.

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You definitely want to take advantage of this. Hooray, the Timing is Right to Celebrate! That part is Given to us, all we need to do is stop Resisting it. That Energy is Bravery and Persistence. A lot Bigger.

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The Vacancy is 23 Capricorn, which is about Bravery in Combat. Capricorn 23 is also the location of the January Pluto-Saturn Initiation. All these Goings On , as has often been the case recently, are in of their respective Signs. This is a long-term, slow-moving astroevent, and can be blamed for much of our Pain, as we become Aware of and Let Go of old Abuse.

When our car keys fall into our hand as soon as we Change the Subject, for example. The third place where Magic occurs is around Timing. But if, Consciously or Unconsciously, we can get the Timing just right, we can move a Mountain with our little finger. In the Tarot, this is the Chariot — Stillness and Action. This week we have a Storm of Septiles occurring in the Sky.

We just need to turn the barrel around and use it to Change the World for the better, rather than using it to Deflate our Brilliance, Gorgeousness, Talent, and Fabulosity. How to do that? To the Patriarchal eye that is. And astrology gives us clues. Who Are You in your Fantasies? Nobody even needs to know it was us that Changed the World. You Wanted the Credit? That happens a lot in a Competitive arena like the Patriarchy. Worse, we may Believe we have to meet our own Expectations to be okay. I Wonder what would happen if I rubbed my Expectations three times.

They are, however, only the Beginning.

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An additional element puts it into Motion. We were Punished for being Overexuberant. And the Work is easy — we just Embrace ourself.

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Let it all Go. Come to Curiosity instead…. Just that simple. Make it a Mantra, a Ritual. Close your eyes when you say it to yourself except when driving or operating machinery , and really Feel that Energy bubbling up from the Deeps.

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  8. What if we want to Eat less, or less often, or less Sugar, for instance. Then whenever we have a moment of Awareness before or during our urge to Eat, we can pause a minute and…. Followed by a pause. We could go back to Eating. The Intuition will surprise us later. Not to mention the hint that Truth leads to fulfillment of Desire. Venus occupies the inflection point between the Septangle and the incipient Grand Sextile, telling us that the Key is Magnetic.

    Boundaries continue to be Lit Up strongly. I find myself learning from several different directions all about sliding through what I normally think of as pretty firm Boundaries — like the Boundary between the Air and the Earth, or between Then and Now. Here are a couple of other examples of penetrating Boundaries…. It can bring us back to the truth of Island Woman and the ancient grandmothers, to those who upheld partnership societies instead of orders based on conquest and patriarchy. In addition, Magic is afoot. On 19 January, the Moon crosses Psyche.

    The lineup is worth reviewing…. All lined up in a Powerful Shamanic Configuration. Atropos is one of the three Fates. Her two sisters spin and measure out the length of Chord that our individual Lives will span, and Atropos, the Inevitable , cuts the Chord when our Time is up. Karma is Inertia, Habit Patterns. Have you lately been catching yourself reviewing less than satisfactory Outcomes to old situations?

    Review the early signals that Ego Death is upon us —. Grief is appropriate; Embrace it Tenderly and Lovingly. It should feel positive, almost like a mild version of Tears of Joy. Tap it Out. The other pile holds all the times when you daydreamed about how great it would be if you somehow found yourself stepping Efforlessly into your Dreams.

    You are already familiar with the waxing and waning Moon. From the New Moon conjunction of the Moon to the Sun to the Full Moon opposition of the Moon to the Sun is the waxing phase, where the Moon appears to grow bigger and bigger. From the Full Moon back to the next New Moon is the waning phase, where the Moon appears to contract in size.

    Any pair of planets can be considered in a similar fashion, although neither appears to change in size the way the Moon does in this example. On an interpretation level, we say that the energy exchange between the planets is slightly different in the waxing phase versus the waning phase. There is a more subconscious or instinctual component to the waxing phase and a more conscious or informed component to the waning phase, since the opposition which divides the phases is thought to bring awareness or objectivity. Or we might say, the energy is increasing or growing during the waxing phase and decreasing or declining when waning.

    Usually when astrologers discuss aspects between planets, they are referring to the spatial relationships as viewed from earth since that is where we live. These are technically known as geocentric aspects. There is also such a thing as heliocentric positions of the planets and hence heliocentric aspects.

    This would be as viewed from the true center of our solar system, the Sun. Some astrologers like to look at the heliocentric positions in addition to the geocentric ones. In interpreting the heliocentric positions, it is thought they represent interactions with the larger world or a bigger scope of reference than geocentric, which might be more individual or personal in meaning.

    Septile - 7th harmonic aspect

    See The Mountain Astrologer , Issue 87, p. Speaking of things other than personal and individual, did you know not only humans have horoscope charts? Anything that has a beginning point in time can be charted. For instance, if there is a potential in the natal chart for difficulty with finances perhaps a square from Venus, ruling money matters, to Saturn, indicating hardship or a lack , it is most likely to manifest when there is a transiting aspect to this natal pattern, say when the position of Uranus meaning surprises becomes opposite to the position of either Venus or Saturn.

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