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They are not outgoing and will prefer to be alone than with strangers, although they will still like the company of friends.

Here's a better astrology-based flirting strategy than

They make great friends over time, but they may be hard to make friends with at first. They are slow and steady when it comes to projects, but they are sure to get the job done. Each sign has a chance to come into Taurus rising , but each chance comes at a different time for each sign. Each sign will have the Taurus rising time below.

However these times are based on a 6 am sunrise, so they may need to be adjusted if the day a person was born did not have a 6 am sunrise. For example, if the sun rose at 8 am that day, a person would shift the times below two hours ahead to find their real Taurus rising time. Aries people naturally act nearly the opposite of Taurus people, so things can get confusing when an Aries is born under Taurus rising.

These people are energetic and creative, but because of the Taurus in them, they do not act as quickly on their ideas as other Aries do. They can be more stubborn, but more dependable, than the average Aries person. A Taurus person born under Taurus ascendant will only have their more Taurus-like traits amplified.

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These people will work towards their goals at a slow and steady pace. They will be some of the most dependable and least changing people out there. They can be stubborn at times, but they will never act rashly. There is no truer Taurus than a Taurus born under Taurus rising.

Gemini people are a highly sociable sign, but when born under Taurus rising sign , they may be shy upon first meeting someone new. They will be just as creative and intelligent as any other Gemini, but they will be slower in using these skills, but more likely to finish their goals as results. Geminis born under Taurus rising are likely to have more stable lives than other Geminis.

Taurus Ascendant

Cancer people are usually relaxed and have much of the same traits as a Taurus person. When this sign is born under Taurus rising , they will live their lives in a stable manner that would make other Cancers jealous. They may focus slightly less on their families and be a little more selfish. However, this sign will always be affectionate, dependable, and caring to those who they love.

Leo people are charming, headstrong, sociable, and creative. When this sign is born under Taurus ascendant sign , they are likely to work towards their goals at a slower, but more reliable pace. They will work with less finesse, but they will get better results. They may give into their indulgences and temptations more, but their sense of luxury, reward, and love will remain unchanged.

Virgo people are strict, organized, and they stick to their morals. To figure out your rising sign and your moon sign and other interesting details of your horoscope , first you have to map out your natal chart: basically a map of where the moon and planets were at the time of your birth. You could consult an astrologer to get a reading, but you can also use sites like Astro. All you need to know is your date of birth and the place of time of your birth.

Yep, that means you might have to call your parents to get the exact time you were born. Your rising sign is all about self-presentation. Some astrologers say that rising signs can even affect your appearance! Put another way, your rising sign is what you present from 9 to 5 at work.

Once that clock hits 5 p. Your ascending sign is also often conditioned by childhood experience, whereas we tend to grow into our sun signs more and more as we age, according to Danielle Beinstein, an astrologer and meditation instructor in Los Angeles, California.

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Rising signs are the gateway drug of astrology. You are also likely to be sensually oriented and respond strongly to bodily impulses. This quality should be cultivated and refined. Enjoying your senses without becoming gluttonous is key. You may have a tendency to enjoy food, wine and relaxation, as well as sexual activity, whenever possible. Yet too much of a good thing is worse than none at all. Your ability to enjoy the good things in life will decrease if taken to excess.

Ill health can ensue as a direct consequence of over indulgence.


Taurus Rising Sign: Your Complete Astro Report On Your Ascendant

As a lover, you may need lots of stimulation and activity, yet may not be good at instigating change. Accordingly, it is important to have a partner who can match your sexual appetite. Open sexual expression is a key to emotional balance, and very important with Taurus rising. Celebrating your body is essential for a balanced sense of self-worth.

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There may also be tendencies toward jealousy and possessiveness within relationships that need to be curbed. Understanding the destructive side of your emotional nature is needed. Problems in relationship are often signs that your life has become too rigid, and that it is time to free yourself from a rut. The irony here is that you are probably drawn to people who seem intense and catalytic, and they may bring many disruptions into your life.

This serves the purpose of forcing you into emotional upheavals, which stimulates the need for growth.

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  8. Your normal state is likely to be placid, but you may become surprisingly enraged when provoked too far. Sometimes working with a therapist or client-entered astrologer is the best way to understand how unconscious patterns can undermine your stability and relationships. In addition, there may be a tendency toward laziness or indolence.

    ☉ Sun in Aries + Taurus Asc (rising sign) HD

    Usually, Taurus rising prefers an easy, and at times plodding, approach to life. This can be problematic when your preferred pace does not really match the situation at hand, or when those you share your life with need you to react with more urgency. Comfort, stability and security may have been important early childhood experiences. The need to create wealth, secure your financial interests and acquire goods may have been strongly ingrained by your family. This can lead to an overly materialistic focus, and subsequent fear of loss.

    You may be require to undergo lessons around letting go, to learn that true stability is a quality you build within.